On the Road / HUES OF AUTUMN     

''There’s a unique feeling related to the exploration of Northern landscapes, in the middle of the Indian summer. A sense of wonder and emergency, as nature smiles at us one dazzling last time before putting its winter clothes. As a final burst of excitement before the immobility of winter, a caress of the sun on your face, a fresh air base that encourages us to slow down and contemplate.''

Fashion Editorial / MADLY JUICY - SEPTEMBER     

Photo Essay / This Bond of Us / ROXANNE    

On the Road / ABU DHABI     

''I remember that the night was dark, that there was nothing outside. No clouds to reflect the lights, nothing on the ground to grasp the attention [...] ''

Fashion Editorial / MADLY JUICY - OCTOBER     

Once in a Lifetime / SUPER MOON ECLIPSE     

Photo Essay / This Bond of Us / ROXANNE    

On the Road / Mt WASHINGTON     

''At 6,288 ft, Mt Washington is the highest peak of the Northeastern United State. One renowned as the toughest climb of the area; and at that time. my first major hike in decade!  Located at the hearth of the National Mountain White Forest, New Hempshire, one can enjoy the scenic roads surrounding the place. If only for the view, it is worth paying a visit to New Hempshire and its luxurious pine forest sprawling on the gentle slope of the numerous mountains [...] ''

Urban Exploration / OH CONEY!     

''For reasons I cannot explain, Coney Island has always fascinated me. Maybe that hype came from the photoshoots and portraiture series I kept on uncovering, maybe from the idea of having an old, crazy theme park right on the edge of the city. Odder, as strong as that hold was, I kept on furthering my visit, slowly building the expectation [...] ''
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